A Much Needed Roof Repair

After years of battling leaks the first section of the Savona Fire Department roof got a new lease on life with the application of Ames Maximum Stretch Roof Coating. This product stretches up to 700 times its original size and expands and contracts with the roof surface. We also sealed each and every screw head and damaged seams with the Ames Peel and Stick Seam Tape. The seam tape creates an extra layer of protection on the vulnurable screw heads of this 40 year old building.

The abandoned flue pipe could not be removed because we were unable to match the existing roof profile. We opted to apply seam tape to the leak prone areas and completely seal the flue with the maximum stretch.

Another issue we dealt with is the overhanging tree branches that continually scraped across the roof surface causing more damage and introducing ants to the building. I cannot stress how important it is to keep vegetation away from any part of a building.

We were excited for the opportunity to take on this project and finally take care of these leaks. We also look forward to completing the remaining roof surface at a later date.

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