Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As we near daylight savings time 2015 and try to remember to change our clocks back it is also a great time to check out our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. As a firefighter and home inspector I could go on for days regarding types and placement off smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Instead I will just keep it simple.

- For battery operated and battery backup smoke & carbon monoxide detectors replace batteries twice a year (usually recommended to coinscide with daylight savings)

- Ensure you have smoke detectors on each floor and inside each sleeping room.

- Ensure you have carbon monoxide detectors on each floor and adjacent to sleeping rooms.

- If your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are over 10 years old replace them (if the manufacturer recommends doing so earlier follow the manufacturer specifications)

- If you are remodeling check with your local code enforcement officer for requirements, some jurisdictions require detector upgrades upon pulling a permit.

If you have any concerns about your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors call McKinley Home Services and we will help you change batteries, upgrade your system or simply install detectors. Call today (607)214-3202

Please remember if your carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector goes off and you are not sure of the cause call the fire department. Firefighters would prefer to come out and investigate the situation and ensure your safety.

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